Sneak Attack: Magic 2015 Set Review (Part 4)

Sneak Attack: Magic 2015 Set Review (Part 4)

Jul 2, 2014

Alright everyone it’s time … for the blah days. This article is easily skipable, but there’s an OMGZ Sliver, I guess. So let’s get started. (If you missed them here are Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the set review.)





Stain the Mind

So this card is the type of card that will see play at some point. It’s also the type of card that 80% of the decklists running it shouldn’t be. This type of card has been printed a ton of times: Cranial Extraction, Thought Hemorrhage, Memoricide etc. And every time it’s been playable at some point in time in Standard. Except for Cranial Extraction, which came from the dumbest block deck known to mankind. They’ve also all been shit rares. But at some point you may play this card.

Verdict .10/.05/.03


This one you won’t.

Verdict .05/.03/.01

Sliver Hivelord

Yay, another 5 color Sliver. I heard rumors about them making this a 5/5 instead of a 7/7 because Indestructible was too good as a control finisher. I’m not buying it. If that were true Chromanticore would see a lot more play. And I’m not wasting time talking about how broken this is in Slivers.dec Because I’m sure it is, and I’m sure it’ll be a huge seller IRL. On MTGO though, the Slivers Premium deck is worth less than a ticket. There’s a reason why.

Verdict 2/1/.50

Yeah, that’s all the rares of the article. I’m going to go through my first impression of Limited. Please note the spoiler is not complete, so I reserve the right to be wrong not only by being wrong, but based on incomplete information.


So far based on the commons / uncommons white appears to have a Life Gain theme. I see multiple commons gaining life inefficiently and Ajani’s Pridemate is a great gain for the deck. Unless I can draft them P 1 P 4, 5 and 6, I don’t think White has a good deck. Also so far we’re missing Pacifism effects. If White doesn’t get one soon I fear for it as a color in Limited.


I like Divination and Jace’s Ingenuity is still good without being Opportunity. Blue also has a ton of bounce with 2 common slots and an uncommon slot and a 6 mana Repel. Coral Barrier might even be playable due to all the bounce. I expect Blue to be good, but not like M14 where you snap it up.


Now this is a color. All of it’s removal is inefficient so far as it’s either small or 5 + mana. Oh and Stab Wound. That’s a card. It’s creatures are all good, and include the Nightfire Giant which I could see playing 1 – 2 Mountains for. I am very glad Gravedigger is an uncommon here since as a common it might have made this the best color. Also throw in Sign in Blood, a 3/2 Fear and a 4/3 flyer for 5 at common (yes, you pay 2 life, whatever) and I really like Black. Also I love me a Caustic Tar.


Not quite as removal heavy as Black since they get stuck with Artifact and Wall hate as well. WTF is with the Wall subtheme. It’s not good here at all. However Cone of Flame is huge here and gets backed up by Lightning Strike and other solid removal spells. I like Red’s removal better, but I prefer Black’s 2 for 1s and slightly better creatures. I wouldn’t have a problem being in either color, but I think Red is designed to be a main color where Black is easier to splash.


Convoke. Everything is overcosted. I’m waiting for creature token producers and until then Green looks mediocre. It still is not as bad as White though.

I hope this helps.

James Beltz (sneakattackkid)
Owner of Sneak Attack’s Games
Twitter: sneakattackkid

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