Sneak Attack: Magic 2015 Set Review (Part 3)

Sneak Attack: Magic 2015 Set Review (Part 3)

Jun 30, 2014

Alright guys it’s time for my next article. Today we have the a few do nothing rares, the final Planeswalker and a few reprints. (If you missed them here are Part 1 and Part 2 of the set review.)





Chief Engineer

This was spoiled late on Friday, so you’re getting it today. This card’s awesome for EDH I’m sure. This card in M15 on the other hand, well how do I put this. Do you remember Darksteel Forge in M14? Yeah it’ll see the same amount of Constructed play. I mean Grand Architect saw very little play, and was a blue Lord, gave 2 mana not just 1 when you tap a donk, and could turn things Blue. This does none of that. All you EDH’ers rejoice. For all of you Limited players enjoy opening your 1/3 (which still might be playable in the right circumstance).

Verdict .10/.05/.03

Okay, now on to the real new spoilers.

Necromancer’s Stockpile













Trolled ya.

Verdict .10/.05/.03

Garruk, Apex Predator

Okay now I’m being serious. I like how Garruk now has 2 Planeswalkers with 4 + abilities. So let’s take a look here. First looking at Standard the only deck that’s going to potentially play this is Jund Monsters. If it does, it’s as a 1-2 of max. So let’s take this shitty $30 IRL price tag, and shove it. This card makes me look forward to cracking a case for my store. Because I know people will pay $$$$ for this. However we’re on MTGO where this stops quickly. With that said this card’s not bad by any means. Let’s look at what it does in standard. Right now Jund Monsters, BG Devotion and BG Enchantments are the 3 decks playing BG. Enchantments doesn’t want this because of the mana cost. So now we’re down to twp decks.

Black Green Devotion might want a copy, but it’s going to be fighting with Liliana Vess for Planeswalker slots. [Appropriate. – Vorthos] Could the deck be designed to play 1 – 2? Maybe, but at 7 mana and with no mana accelleration we’re pushing it. BW control has problems getting to 6 on time for Elspeth. 7 on time is going to be harder, and I feel like this could be any action spell and just win. Namely Liliana Vess.

So now we’re at Jund Monsters. Right now Jund plays multiple five drops, and six + out of the sideboard. I don’t think this is a maindeck card as long as aggro exists in the format. But this appears to be a perfect fit out of the sideboard. But it’s not that easy. What are we boarding this in against? Control? Other than coming down and killing a Planeswalker this just spits out 3/3s. Xenagos, the Reveler is much much better as his tokens have Haste. Planar Cleansing / Detention Sphere are still good things. Is this coming down against Aggro? At 7 mana? Nope. Is this coming down against Black/x Devotion? It could, but I think just Rakdos’s Returning their hand is a lot better. That leaves the mirror. It does appear to be really good in the mirror, when you’re behind by a small amount. It can come into play and kill a Stormbreath Dragon/ Planeswalker which is awesome. If a Stormbreath Dragon follows this play though it can kill Garruk in two swings. So maybe it’s a 1 to 2 of in the sideboard for the mirror and Black/x.

Verdict 15/4/4.50

Chord of Calling

And the world rejoices. For a shitty rare got reprinted. I’m actually not kidding this card is shit for Standard. And since it’s reprinted the price will plummet on MTGO. I mean it already has, but it’s actually going to go lower. Right now the buy price is around 5 – 6. This is actually a below dollar rare on MTGO, and needs to be dropped ASAP. I knew they’d have 2 reprinted cards that were originally $30 + IRL, just like M14. Mutavault and Scavenging Ooze were awesome reprints and saw a lot of Standard play. This will require a very very specific deck to see play in, and it is very very likely it won’t exist. As this is a rare and not mythic, stay away.

Verdict 4/.80/.50 (If it somehow gets below .20 start buying as a 3 + year speculation.)

So MTGSalvation sucks as a spoiler site and I realized some relevant cards got spoiled that I haven’t said anything about. So I’m going to catch up here.

[MTGSalvation think they are mapmakers and deliberately add mistakes and fake flavor text to determine if people are stealing their spoiler – or they are just idiots. Take your pick. – E.]

Phyrexian Revoker

This is a useful ability to have in Standard as I will admit to playing Pithing Needle more than most people. But I’d never play the creature version of it unless I’m only bringing it in against Superfriends and even then it’s still not good there.

Verdict .10/.05/.10

Preeminent Captain

This rare saw no play when creature types were relevant. Of course Bitterblossom and Cryptic Command were things. Still 3 mana’s on the top of the curve for WW, and unless they make a 4/4 soldier at 3 mana so it’s playable without this, this is worse than Brimaz, King of Oreskos. Therefore this card’s not happening.

Verdict .30/.10/.08

Prerelease Rares Update

Also we have the new Prerelease rares. This is important since people were wrong on the original abilities which changes relevance.

The five promos are Resolute Archangel, Mercurial Pretender, Indulgent Tormentor, Siege Dragon, and Phytotitan. Of note the Siege Dragon only deals 2 damage to each creature without flying that player controls not 5. This means that Shitty Bulk Dragon has now digivolved (cuz Pokemon > Digimon amirite?) into Shittier Bulk dragon. Also for Standard relevance Phytotitan is now a 7/2 and not a 7/7. This makes this card go down from standard playable as a 7/7 that can’t die and wins combat into a 7/2 that can’t die but trades with random shit. Assume its price to drop based on both it being worse and it being a promo.

I think I’m caught up now; thanks MTGSalvation. Come back tomorrow where hopefully there will be more cards, but likelier I’m going to be talking about uncommons and some shitty rare.

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  1. E. Hustle /

    These set reviews are terrible. How can you ignore the amazing card Necromancer’s Stockpile? It’s the new Compulsion / Tortured Existence / Undead Gladiator / Zombie Infestation. With Grave Scrabbler in Modern you get an infinite Draw / Zombie engine. Okay I’m kidding. It is the slowest thing ever and even I’ll never touch the thing.

    Maybe it’s good in the format all the cool kids (read: Dan’s broke loser friends) are playing, Silver Black. In the future you should review cards for that highly relevant format. There are PREs to play and Magister of Worth promos to be won.

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