Sneak Attack: Magic 2015 Set Review (Part 2)

Sneak Attack: Magic 2015 Set Review (Part 2)

Jun 28, 2014

Alright everybody, we are back today with some more Magic 2015 cards, we have some reprints, an awesome hate card and a shitty Planeswalker. So let’s do this. (Yesterday’s introductory article can be found here.)





Hushwing Gryff

This is yet another hate card against Birthing Pod decks. This will be very annoying, as Aven Mindcensor could still just be Murderous Redcap’ed to death. This on the other hand forces Abrupt Decay, Dismember or Path to Exile. Yes, Melira runs 4 to 6 of these postboard, but you have to have it and now save it for this. And ugh at the thought of having a Pod activation blown out by Mindcensor, then next turn attempt to Redcap it and have this say, “No”. I’m not looking forward to Hate Bears getting another hate bear. As for Standard, meh.

Verdict 3/.60/1

Jace, the Living Garbage Pile

So this pile looks the exact same as Vraska the Unseen (on the battlefield) so comparisons are easy. The + 1 isn’t card advantage and it doesn’t protect itself. At – 3, this bounces and doesn’t even kill the permanent. On the good side if you look at this Jace as gain 6 HP and minor card filtering it’s playable. On the downside people will ignore the shit out of it and you’re playing a 4 mana Think Tank. GLHF.

Verdict 9/4/2

Life’s Legacy

Finally, an efficient sorcery speed version of this type of card. I don’t know if this is playable, but it’s a lot closer than Momentous Fall and other cards. This could be good in draft especially since it beats Pacifism, Encrust etc. Im not sure where to go on this one.

Verdict .40/.40/.60

Apocalypse (Enemy) Pain Lands

Honestly, I didn’t see this coming. This is actually cool and obviously all five will be played over Guildgates. At the same time this will make sure we have a decent manabase post rotation even if Khans shit’s on us. With these Standard will flip hard, as RW aggro for example will have 16 non-basic lands for fixing that aren’t Guildgates. These are actually the most impactful cards I’ve seen so far since I wasn’t expecting Fetchlands and figured anything else they printed would ETB tapped. I think these will make the full Standard very much a 3-5 color format.

These are the cards for the day, come back Tuesday and we’ll see what awesome (read: terrible) cards came out this time.

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