Common Cause: Gone Cubin’

Common Cause: Gone Cubin’

Feb 24, 2014

Alex Ullman (StarCityGames) (@nerdtothecore) and Michael Vadman (@Baron_Sengir) talk about cubing, Pauper style.

Alex and Mike discuss Pauper cube, including going over how to play and the makeup of Alex’s cube. They also crack a few packs and talk favorite archetypes.
Alex’s Cube
Music Recommendations:
Alex: In Remission by The Menzingers
Mike: Pedestrian Verse by Frightened Rabbits

Where can you find us?
Mike: Twitter – @baron_sengir
MTGO: Baron_Sengir6989

Alex: Twitter – @nerdtothecore
Alex’s Facebook Page
MTGO: SpikeBoyM

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