Common Cause: The Future is Cancelled

Common Cause: The Future is Cancelled

Dec 12, 2013

Alex Ullman (StarCityGames) (@nerdtothecore) and Michael Vadman (@Baron_Sengir) discuss the past, present, and future of Pauper as a format. They explore the history of the format, as well as the recent news that Pauper is not getting Daily Events back as scheduled events are integrated back into Magic Online. Finally, they examine the path that Pauper may take from here and what fans of the format can do to voice their opinions. The Common Cause podcast is sponsored by

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  1. ltbarn02 /

    Well that was a pretty worthless podcast. For anyone that doesn’t want to waste 35 minutes here’s my synopsis: I listened thinking it was going to contain some ideas on how to voice our opinions about no more pauper DEs, but instead got a lot of apologist (as Alex rightly claimed) dribble. Ironically, the only strategy that has a chance to have your voice heard above your own social media bubble was tried by Alex and then summarily dismissed as possibly annoying Turian or Wollpert. Newsflash: The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Alex goes on to say “we” (the Pauper community) have a strong voice and that Wizards does, in fact, listen to us – ha, ha, ha. Also he says we shouldn’t expect to get the same perks as standard or modern formats because we’re our own community – I’m not even sure what he’s trying to say other than some kind of WotC spin.

    Realistically, there is no difference on MTGO between Legacy and Pauper as far as how WotC would make money (people buying packs) – yet they still have DEs. I’ve seen 1 legacy DE fire in the last 2 months and it barely had enough players, so the reason Legacy gets to keep a DE despite profiting WotC the same as Pauper is because they hardly fire. So the $$$ is what is driving this change which Alex gets to in a roundabout way before reversing course and saying that WotC was going to shut down large events the whole time – not, of course, because some douche pro lambasted MTGO as a whole on a major MTG news site. Because WotC has demonstrated it’s commitment to customer service in the past by actually fixing problems rather than limping on collecting money and issuing reimbursements for problems as the aforementioned douche lamented in his original diatribe.

    Personally I believe that if we, the pauper community, do not start complaining loudly and using our supposedly strong voice to agitate for change then we will be relegated to a fringe of MTGO society. Without Pauper DEs, I’m pretty ambivalent about playing MTGO at all, which would certainly give me more time and money to pursue other endeavors.

    /rant over

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