Common Cause: Counting Cards

Common Cause: Counting Cards

Jan 27, 2014

Alex Ullman (StarCityGames) (@nerdtothecore) and Michael Vadman (@Baron Sengir) crunch a few numbers and discuss deck metagame analysis in the Pauper world. The Common Cause podcast is sponsored by

With the return of Premier Events, metagame data is pouring in. Alex goes into the system he uses to track the metagame and how it influences his choice in deck. They would talk more about Born of the Gods but no more commons have been spoiled yet. Lame.

Domain Zoo
Golgari Reanimator
Alex’s Eldrazi Green

Music Recommendation:
Alex: Against Me! “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” (Spotify Page and bonus track: )

Mike: Jenny Owen Youngs “An Unwavering Band of Light” (Spotify Page and bonus track: )

Where can you find us?
Mike: Twitter – @baron_sengir
MTGO: Baron_Sengir6989

Alex: Twitter – @nerdtothecore
Alex’s Facebook
MTGO: SpikeBoyM

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