Common Cause: The Beta, Banned?

Common Cause: The Beta, Banned?

May 21, 2014

Would you look at this? Alex and Mike discuss the impending switchover to the Beta (also known as Shiny, Version 4, or the macguffin) client. They also get sidetracked and talk sports. Finally, going full Top8Magic, Alex drops some swear words.
It’s a wild ride folks!

Brian Kibler Post
Reddit Thread
Adam Barnello article (Channel Fireball)
Shaun McLaren article (Star City Games Premium)

Alex: Modern Baseball- Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All Standout track: Modern Baseball – Your Graduation
Mike: Storyman – This Time Round Standout track: What Name Should We Call It – Storyman

Where can you find us?
Mike: Twitter – @baron_sengir
MTGO: Baron_Sengir6989

Alex: Twitter – @nerdtothecore
Alex’s Facebook Page
MTGO: SpikeBoyM

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