Common Cause: None More Black

Common Cause: None More Black

Jan 16, 2014

Alex Ullman (StarCityGames) (@nerdtothecore) and Michael Vadman (@Baron_Sengir) discuss a deck most sinister in Mono-Black Control. The Common Cause podcast is sponsored by

Alex and Mike take a trip to the dark side to explore one of Pauper’s most eldritch archetypes: Mono-Black Control. Trace the history from Corrupt to Crypt Rats to Unearth to Gray Merchant of Asphodel as our Common Men try to make sense of the Swamp. Also, spoilers for Born of the Gods!

Decklists available at:

Music recommendation:
Alex: None More Black, “Icons”
Standout track: I’m Warning You With Peace And Love

Mike: Baths, “Obsidian”
Standout track: Miasma Sky

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