Pauper Metagame Analysis

We all think our deck is the best, right? We never lose to Delver or we only lose to Delver. Which decks are truly the top dogs and which ones are fighting for scraps?

Note: Our ranking system (updated 08/16) will always use data compiled by MTGGoldfish and never be based on what our friends our playing. You can also find the event results on Magic Online’s What’s Happening page.

Tier 1

These decks dominate the format. They account for 10% or more of the winners in the metagame.

Tier 1.5

These decks earn prizes in sanctioned events every week and account for 5% to 10% of the winners.

Tier 2

These decks occasionally earn prizes in sanctioned events and you should be prepared for them. However, they account for less than 5% of the winners in the metagame.

Tier 3

These decks are Tier 3. They have not earned prizes in sanctioned events in the past two weeks.

Tier 4

Better luck next time.


The Classic Pauper banned list is currently as follows:

Good riddance.