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Pauper Metagame Analysis

We all think our deck is the best, right? We never lose to Delver or we only lose to Delver. Which decks are truly the top dogs and which ones are fighting for scraps?

Note: Our ranking system (updated 08/16) will always use data compiled by MTGGoldfish and never be based on what our friends our playing. You can also find the event results on Magic Online’s What’s Happening page.

Optimal Primers

The major goal of our site is to be the primary home for competitive Pauper content. How do we plan on accomplishing this? Simple. We plan on providing you with up to date Primers for every top tier archetype in Pauper. What sets us apart from other websites and forums? The people writing our primers are truly experts. These are the players constantly winning with the decks, the ones you see on the Magic Online What’s Happening Page. They have played countless matches with the deck through various changes in the metagame and have innovated and tuned the archetypes into the current stock lists. These are the true masters sharing their knowledge and not just a random player who decided the deck looked like fun last Tuesday.

Our Stream Team

A small contingent of top competitive Magic Online players will be streaming various sanctioned events as representatives of our website. Be sure to stay follow our CastingCommons Twitter page to know when we are live. You will surely be excited by the line up and I guarantee that you will learn something. Best of all, you won’t even feel the need to cringe and spam the chat over some horrible misplay.

Our official stream, CastingCommons is available here:

Pauper Premier Event Schedule

Don’t you hate when you rush to join an event and it starts immediately before you can submit your deck?

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