Pauper Brewers Championship (October 2013)

Muddle the Mixture
To submit a deck to the Brewers Championship follow the directions on the FAQ page.  Then be sure to return to that page to check if your deck has been approved.  Throughout the entirety of the season, be sure to monitor the Pauper Brewers Championship Decklists page to view the approved decks submitted by you and others. Be sure to also view the Pauper Brewers Championship Leaderboard to see how well they are performing in the Championship.  (The Decklist and Leaderboard pages are also available using the menu at the top of the page.)

We have begun recording Daily Event results for the Leaderboard as of October 2nd.  However, we are accepting submissions to the Championship throughout the entirety of the season.  Once your deck has been approved we can start recording your results.  A high quality submission in the second or third week of the Championship could easily win the competition.