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The major goal of our site is to be the primary home for competitive Pauper content. How do we plan on accomplishing this? Simple. We plan on providing you with up to date Primers for every top tier archetype in Pauper. What sets us apart from other websites and forums? The people writing our primers are truly experts. These are the players constantly winning with the decks, the ones you see on the Magic Online What’s Happening Page. They have played countless matches with the deck through various changes in the metagame and have innovated and tuned the archetypes into the current stock lists. These are the true masters sharing their knowledge and not just a random player who decided the deck looked like fun last Tuesday.


Eric Easton (E. Hustle) once wrote ten thousand words on deckbuilding. Mostly he just talked about how all his theory on mid-range decks was irrelevant while Temporal Fissure was legal and how Sliver decks have a bad manabase. Buried somewhere in those articles were a few gems of wisdom. Maybe someday he will dig something up and share it here.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of his overview article on Pauper deckbuilding, which originally appeared on another website.


Why are you playing your lands in that order? Why aren’t you playing enough lands? Why are you casting Doom Blade on your turn? Why aren’t you casting Doom Blade on your turn? We all make mistakes in our sequencing and technical plays. When we win we often fail to acknowledge our mistakes since they did not cost us. When we lose we often blame other factors or try to justify them by arguing we would have lost anyways. Instead lets practice identify and taking an in depth look at what we are doing incorrectly and try to learn from from our mistakes. This will primarily involve reviewing our actual games through replays and other recordings.


One of the most exciting things about the Pauper format is that different players have different ideas. There is often no consensus on what decks and card choices are good and bad, much less which decks are favored against one another. Even with top tier decks such as Stompy, there are often drastically different viewpoints on how to correctly build the deck. In these articles, we will look at the format as a whole and at individual archetypes and identify and discuss our theories and beliefs. Our writers are passionate and opinionated about the format, based on their own tournament successes (and failures) and their experiences with others. We look forward to presenting and debating our perceived reality of the competitive Pauper format.

What’s the Play?

We all know how much you love to you use the phrase “lines of play”. In this interactive feature, the staff and readers will discuss complex board states that occur during actual matches. Can you find the correct line?