Casting with the Community

You have probably heard about his projects, but you might not even know his name.  Jason Sirichoke (jsiri84) is primarily responsible for the recent banning of Temporal Fissure.  He created the Battle for Charity benefiting Child’s Play, the Pauper Brewers Championship Paupers and Player Championship.  Through his efforts and those of his fellow community members, including Heath Newton from MTGOTraders, JustSin and solebush1, the community has raised over $1000 for charity.  One of his primary purposes for founding this site was to establish a permanent home for his monthly projects.  For the upcoming season beginning October 30th, Casting Commons is excited to be debuting our latest project, the Paupers Players Championship.


Casting Commons and Team DBC would like to announce the Pauper Players Championship for November 2013 (Season 12).  Starting after downtime on October 30th, we will be independently tracking the MOCS Qualifier Points earned by players in all Magic Online Pauper Daily Events from October 30th – November 26th.  Results will be updated daily on Casting Commons as we track the Top 50 players in the Championship.  The player at the end of the month with the most Qualifier Points will be declared the winner and hold the title of Best Pauper Player for November 2013.  Prizes will be awarded to the winner and players in 2nd and 3rd place, depending on the available prize pool.  You do not need to do anything to enter the Pauper Players Championship.  Anyone who enters a Magic Online Pauper Daily Event and earns at least 1 MOCS Qualifier Point is eligible for the Championship. To learn more about the Players Championship read the FAQ page.  Throughout the entirety of the season, be sure to monitor the Pauper Players Championship Leaderboard to see how well you are performing in the Championship.  (The Leaderboard page is also available using the menu at the top of the page.)  We have begun recording Daily Event results for the Leaderboard as of October 30th.  We will continue to alternate between our various projects, based on the Magic Online seasons.  We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our projects.


Positive action and accomplishments deserve recognition from the community.  Without a doubt, those who constantly win and or donate substantially to a good cause deserve a shout out.


Within one week following each season we will summarize and share the results of the project.  In these articles, we will focus on the success stories as a result of our projects.  At this time, we will also seek advice from the community on ways to constantly improve what we are doing. Here is the Recap and Interviews for our August project, the Pauper Players Championship, which originally appeared on another website. Here is the Recap for our September project, the Battle for Charity, which was originally hosted on another website.