What Is Casting Commons?

Welcome to Casting Commons, the website dedicated to all competitive Magic Online formats with an emphasis on Pauper. Our motto is “For MTG Players, By MTG Players” and everyone who writes and contributes to the site plays Magic Online competitively. The Pauper format is in a transition period and is on its way to becoming more popular than ever. We wish to share our combined experience and knowledge during this exciting time, for the greater advancement of the community. As the new format begins, we hope to be your new home for regular articles, Pauper resources, our monthly competitions or charity drives and our own in house stream for sanctioned events.

Magic Online players contact us all the time and tell us what they like and what they feel has been missing from Pauper media. We are a brand new site and always looking for ways to improve. Please feel free to leave comments regarding what you would like to see.

You may join the site using the registration form, which will allow you to post comments.

Jason Sirichoke (jsiri84) and Eric Easton (E. Hustle)
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